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The 5 Biggest Living Expenses in College

When you think about the major expenses that college entails, tuition is likely right at the top of your list. But once you’ve paid for your right to attend and you’ve purchased books and supplies, you’ll find that there are several more costs to contend with when it comes to your living expenses. Of course,

5 Reasons to Set Financial Goals

Many adults have to learn the hard way when it comes to managing their finances, mainly due to the fact that teaching this critical subject has never been a priority, for schools or for most parents (the latter of which never truly learned themselves). But if you’d rather avoid the hardships and setbacks that come

5 Extravagant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, most people are willing to go the extra mile for flowers, chocolates, and a nice meal. But then there are those rare few who can use their 1% status (and attendant wealth) to show their one true love just how much they care. And for these individuals the

5 of the Most Expensive Cities to Visit

We all know that urban centers can be pricey to live in, although the best cities offset the cost of housing by providing for loads of amenities like a variety of food options (from farmers markets and street vendors to 5-star restaurants), public transportation, easy access to social services, and even flexible and affordable options for continuing