5 of the Most Expensive Cities to Visit

We all know that urban centers can be pricey to live in, although the best cities offset the cost of housing by providing for loads of amenities like a variety of food options (from farmers markets and street vendors to 5-star restaurants), public transportation, easy access to social services, and even flexible and affordable options for continuing education. But some cities are even more expensive to visit than they are to live in, thanks to overpriced hotels and a decided lack of cheap or free options for entertainment in the vicinity. If you’ve got the money to blow, you can certainly find a lot of exclusivity in such locales, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks when you travel there are a few expensive cities you’ll probably want to avoid. Here are some of the priciest.

  1. New York City, NY, USA. It is estimated that you’ll pay about $250 per night for a hotel room in the city, but if you plan to go all out and stay in or near Times Square in the heart of the city you could easily be out $400-500 per night for your lodgings alone. Add to that the cost of entertainment options like a Broadway show, a tour of the city by helicopter, and even getting around by taxi, and you’ll see why this city is perhaps the most expensive in the U.S. to visit.
  2. Paris, France. Although the average price for lodgings is around $200 per night, making your hotel stay a bit less than some other European cities, you’ll find that all the extras soon add up to a fairly pricy visit. From airfare and transportation around the city to the cost of visiting landmarks, museums, and other attractions, your money will practically fly from your pocket, and that’s before you even start shelling out dough for food and shopping. You’ll find a lot of rich food and high fashion in this worldly city, but it will definitely cost you. And don’t forget the exchange rate, which is not as bad as it used to be, but is not exactly favorable ($1 US is only worth about 0.74 Euro at the moment).
  3. Tokyo, Japan. Sure you can stay in tube hotels for less than the average nightly lodging cost of approximately $170, but the novelty will soon wear off thanks to cramped quarters, limited storage, and shared bathroom facilities. Plus, the cost of transportation is incredibly high. And although you can certainly find cheap food options, you might not want to consume the mystery cuisine that such eateries provide (especially if you’re used to western standard for animals and animal parts that are edible).
  4. Geneva, Switzerland. The home of the famous Convention that set forth the protocols for humane treatment during war is no cheap date. Visitors will pay upwards of $250 a night for average lodgings and pretty much everything else is on the high side by European standards thanks to average earnings of residents that rank amongst the highest in the world.
  5. Sydney, Australia. If what you want is an outback adventure, save yourself some money by opting for a Kenya safari instead of arranging a trip down under. But if you’re keen to get your Jeep-ride on during the day and wine and dine by night, then by all means, pay more to visit Australia. The city of Sydney has a lot to offer, what with gorgeous scenery, water sports, and the many entertainments provided by their world-famous Opera House. But don’t expect to visit this city on the cheap.

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