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Insuring Luxury, One-of-A-Kind, and Vintage Items

Your valuables are aptly named because they are very valuable to you. Whether your precious manifests itself in the form of a classic car, special vintage clothing, one of a kind pieces of art, or anything else, you might not be able to sleep at night or feel comfortable out of the house knowing that

Highly Anticipated Luxury Cars for 2013

There are certain things consumers expect from a luxury vehicle. First and foremost, they want a car that looks sleek, sophisticated, and most of all, expensive. It must have a stylish exterior and the inside should be comfortable, quiet, roomy, and chock full of the latest technological wizardry to grace the automotive world. Power everything,

Top 5 Investing Tips for College Students

There are all kinds of reasons why students might want to wait until after college to begin their adventures in the investment world. For one thing, many don’t have two nickels to rub together after the cost of tuition, books, and other expenses related to school (not to mention the cost of living). In addition,

Do Wealthy Individuals Live Longer Lives?

They say that money won’t buy you happiness, but what about health? That’s what the Longevity Science Advisory Panel in the United Kingdom set out to discover in a study that looked at the relative life expectancy for male and female adults in highly paid professional positions, as opposed to those workers who make a