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How Getting Married Will Affect Your Taxes


Taxes are probably the last thing you’ll want to think about after getting married, considering everything else that’s piling up on your plate. Starting a new life with your spouse incurs many lifestyle changes, and you may feel either overwhelmed or empowered by everything that’s going on. You’re no longer flying solo. You and your

The Most Luxurious Backyard Amenities

Creating an outdoor room will allow you to expand your usable square footage and potentially even add to the value of your home, depending on how you choose to arrange the landscaping and outfit the overall space. But if you have the money and you really want to go the extra mile, there are all

Remodel or Move: Which Makes More Sense Financially?

Home ownership is complicated business. It’s great to own a home-you can settle down with your family, start a stable life, and no longer have to deal with the constant stresses and expenses of moving. On the other hand, the new expenses of maintenance, home improvement projects, and that scary feeling of being tied down