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September 11th, 2012 at 1:42 pm

The Most Luxurious Backyard Amenities

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Creating an outdoor room will allow you to expand your usable square footage and potentially even add to the value of your home, depending on how you choose to arrange the landscaping and outfit the overall space. But if you have the money and you really want to go the extra mile, there are all kinds of luxurious amenities you can add to create a one-of-a-kind backyard. And while you probably don’t need glass-covered shark tank or a volcano that erupts on the hour (a la an over-the-top villain’s lair), there’s nothing wrong with getting creative and having some fun with the process. And here are just a few lavish touches that will make your backyard space truly special.

  1. Deluxe tree house. Anybody can nail a few support beams and planks to a tree in order to create a platform for kids to scout the neighborhood, but the trendy elite are using their yard space and giant trees to create remarkable play houses for their children. You can create a miniature rustic hunting lodge, a tiny castle, a fairy-tale cottage, a space-age marvel, or use any of dozens of other themes to design an extraordinary place for your kids to play. And whether it happens to be high in a tree or firmly rooted on the ground, it’s certain to become the central focus of your yard.
  2. Outdoor kitchen. You might not be the only one on your block with a gas grill or a fire pit, but if you want to make your outdoor cooking space exceptional you should consider building a full kitchen to mimic the one inside your house, complete with a sizable counter space and sink area, a cooktop, appliances like a mini fridge and freezer, and perhaps even a wine fridge. But you can take it even a step further by outfitting your terrace with lounge seating and tables, large umbrellas, misters for summer and heaters for winter, and perhaps even a wet bar for entertaining.
  3. Infinity pool. Plenty of people have pools in their backyard, but few have a body of water that seems to go on forever. While you might think that this look is exclusive to those with the ocean just paces from their back door, the truth is that you can create the illusion of an infinity pool with simple terracing. Of course, you’ll still need a large enough yard to make it work, which makes it one amenity that not too many people have.
  4. Home theater. Drive-ins may have gone the way of the dodo thanks to HD, 3D, and otherwise superior multiplexes, but that doesn’t mean you have to confine your movie-watching experience to indoor venues. Simply create your own outdoor amphitheater in the backyard with a powerful projector, a great sound system, and plenty of plush seating. A little cover might be a good idea, as well, especially if you get bad weather.
  5. Water feature. Ponds can be a bit passé these days, so skip the addition of lily pads and koi (the local wildlife will make off with them sooner or later anyway) and opt instead for massive water walls or graduated concrete troughs that create the effect of a chic waterfall that runs around the perimeter of your yard. Water can feature prominently in your yard and make for a spectacular and luxurious addition to your outdoor space.
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