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No Expense Spared: Luxury Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to creating the luxurious interior spaces you crave, you might think that your only option is to hire a high-profile interior designer (or design firm) to handle the planning process and see to all the details. And while this is certainly an option, it behooves you to enter the arrangement with at

How to Start and Build a Successful Consulting Business

The recession has spawned a slew of layoffs, leading to a job market flooded with out-of-work professionals competing for the same slim pickings. And if you’ve been looking for work for months and your unemployment benefits are about to run out, you might be considering downgrading to literally any job just to earn some income.

$1.2 Million Rolls Royce Special Edition Sells Out in 2 Months

Most of the world may be enduring the devastating effects of a long term global recession, but judging by the recent news out of China there are still a few people out there who can afford to splurge on life’s luxuries. A limited edition Rolls Royce automobile designed to cater to the booming luxury car