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February 1st, 2012 at 8:55 pm

$1.2 Million Rolls Royce Special Edition Sells Out in 2 Months

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Most of the world may be enduring the devastating effects of a long term global recession, but judging by the recent news out of China there are still a few people out there who can afford to splurge on life’s luxuries. A limited edition Rolls Royce automobile designed to cater to the booming luxury car market in China has completely sold out in a span of just two months. The sleek and stylish Rolls Royce Year of the Dragon Phantom, which is designed to honor the Chinese New Year and boasts a price tag of $1.2 million, proved to be recession-proof as Chinese consumers snapped the limited edition vehicle up at an astounding pace. Created specifically in commemoration of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, which recently started amidst national celebrations, the Rolls Royce Year of the Dragon Phantom attracted China’s elite crowd by becoming a must have status symbol. With the next Year of the Dragon set to begin in 2024, Chinese drivers no doubt responded to the immediacy of the dragon trend and the desire to possess a vehicle which separates them from the crowd. In a nation of over 1 billion residents, distinguishing yourself from the rest can be a difficult task, but the one of a kind design of this Rolls Royce will surely do the trick.

The top specification version of the vehicle comes in a customized shade of maroon and is emblazoned with ornate gold detailing which depicts dragons to complete the theme. These features, which appeal directly to the Chinese people’s sense of history and aesthetics, no doubt fueled the frenzy of purchases that led to the Rolls Royce Year of the Dragon Phantom to sell out so quickly. Customers who shelled out over a million bucks to enjoy this luxurious ride are also able to fully customize the vehicle with special embroidery, food and wine cabinets and other accoutrements. According to Rolls Royce marketing executives, this element of extreme personalization was a major factor in the rush to buy the Dragon Phantom, because Chinese consumers crave the opportunity to express themselves publically.

The particular affinity that Chinese drivers have clearly shown for Rolls Royce’s Year of the Dragon Phantom is an extension of the country’s overall desire for luxury automobiles. Rolls Royce alone features a total of 14 showrooms throughout China and plans to open more throughout 2012 to meet an ever growing demand for high end items in the country. While the overwhelming success of the company’s commemoration of the Chinese New Year surely contributed the sales success Rolls Royce enjoyed in 2011, there is no reason to expect a decline next year. The global economy is finally beginning to show signs of life and China is home to a growing market for high-end luxury vehicles. After selling a car priced at $1.2 million completely out of stock within a span of just 2 months, Rolls Royce is surely ready to double down on their presence within the expanding Chinese marketplace.

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