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Bad Financial Habits That Will Leave You Broke

The sad truth is that few of us are taught in our youth to manage our finances effectively; most of us don’t even know how to balance a checkbook when we reach the age of adulthood.  And yet, we earn and paycheck, open accounts, take out loans, and apply for credit cards as though we

Do Credit Checks Really Hurt Your Credit?

You have probably heard from several different sources that having multiple credit checks performed in a short period of time can damage your credit score, making it more difficult for you to secure the financing you need down the road.  These people likely can’t tell you how much your score will drop or for how

Benefits of Joining Investing and Personal Finance Clubs

Most people these days are aware that making good financial decisions for the future requires them to spend wisely and have more than just a 401K for the next 30 years.  Many know that if you want to make your money work for you, it has to be invested in a diverse portfolio and spread

Pros and Cons of Financing Your Small Business with Credit Cards

If you are wary of the idea of financing your small business with your credit cards, you should be.  In fact, you should be cautious about financing any large expense with a credit card, whether it pertains to your personal or professional life.  There’s simply no denying that credit cards often come with relatively high