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Buyer Beware: Getting a Loan After Bankruptcy

The day you’ve been dreading has finally arrived: your car broke down and it will cost more than it’s worth to fix it.  And even though buying a new car should be a lot of fun, you’ve been putting it off because you know you don’t have the money to purchase it outright, and you’re

How to Prevent Financial Ruin Due to Legal Troubles

The minute most of us are faced with legal troubles, we begin to sweat just thinking about the bill we’ll have to pay the law firm.  Lawyers make a lot of money for two reasons.  The first is that we need their legal expertise, which takes a lot of schooling, and their resources (law libraries,

How to Save Money on Travel

By now, most seasoned travelers have become aware of discount sites like Travelocity, Priceline, Orbitz, Kayak, and so on that cater to those who would like to travel for less.  And while you can certainly get some great deals by bundling your airfare, hotel, and car rental into one low-priced package, there are a ton

How to Save Money When it Comes to Your Car

Owning a vehicle cannot be described as an inexpensive undertaking.  Even if you save on buying a car by selecting something used, you’ll almost certainly spend that money down the line on repairs and related costs.  In short, you’re going to end up laying out a lot of dough for transportation if owning a personal