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What Are Assets and How Do They Make Your Wealthy

The road to wealth is paved with assets that will make you rich. But what are assets, what makes them different from other things that you own, and how do you acquire them? By definition, assets are things that you own that can be converted into cash. Assets can be tangible or intangible things, such

What is Cash Flow

Wealth “gurus” say that the secret to becoming rich is more cash flow. But what is cash flow and how do you get it? Cash flow is a finance term that used to describe financial performance, and measures the amount of money that comes in and out of a business. Simple put, it is income

3 More Ways to Make Fast Money

Other than the obvious illegal ways to make fast money, such as working on a street corner and dealing drugs, there are legitimate ways to earn a few bucks when you’re in a pinch or need some extra spending money. Here are 3 more ways to make fast money that I came up with… Make

5 Ways to Make Money Easy

You would be shocked at the number of skills you have that can allow you to make money easy. Everywhere you look, people are searching for the fastest way to get rich and earn more cash, but only you can really answer that question. Identify your skills and find a way to turn those valuable