3 More Ways to Make Fast Money

Other than the obvious illegal ways to make fast money, such as working on a street corner and dealing drugs, there are legitimate ways to earn a few bucks when you’re in a pinch or need some extra spending money. Here are 3 more ways to make fast money that I came up with…

Make Money: Cruise around your neighborhood for curbside furniture that is being tossed away or sold at a garage sale. Old furniture has a durability and craftsmanship that is hard to find, and when cleaned up can have a tremendous value. Find a nice antique chair, sand it down and add a fresh coat of finish and you have yourself a potentially valuable item to sell. Snap a picture and post it on eBay or take it to your local consignment shop. I have some retired friends that started to do this as a hobby and now make an incredible amount of money by accident.

Fill Needs Wanted: Search on Craigslist for services that are needed that you can fulfill. Often times they are not complex jobs, but they just need to be done quickly. Transcribing audio interviews, for example, can be done over email - and you’ll instantly get paid throughPayPal. This also allows you to seek beyond your neighborhood and do business across state lines.

Outsource Your Outsourcing: There are communities online of people who announce that they need specialized jobs done, and those jobs are bid on by those who can complete the task. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be the one completing the task, you just have to deliver what was agreed on. So, why not win a contract to do a project and then outsource it to someone who can do it at a cheaper price.

For example, if Mr. X needs a new piece of software written and will pay you $3,000, you can find a freelancer elsewhere who will do the job for $2,000. Playing the role of the classic middle man, you get to keep the $1,000 difference.

This method, by the way, I didn’t come up with on my own. There are people who do this to bring in a healthy full-time income. Check out the Xtreme Outsourcing program to find out more about what I’m talking about.

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