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5 Investing Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner

We all learn from our mistakes, and unfortunately when it comes to personal finance and investing, those mistakes can be costly. While I continue to learn something new everyday, and like to believe I am perpetually becoming a better investor, there are many things I wish I had known sooner. With experience comes smarter investing,

Interesting Personal Finance Blog Posts: 6-29-08

Spotlight: The Dough Roller put together a nice video post, which shares his mutual fund strategy  during sharp declines in the stock market. Read How to Invest in Mutual Funds You’ll Keep During a Falling Market. Saving Money: 9 Ways to Save without Breaking a Sweat at brip blap 11 Fun and Frugal Summer Activities

How Much Should I Save From Each Paycheck?

So you want to become rich? You know that in order to become wealthy you need to put aside some of your income into something that will create more money and compound over time. When you break it down, that’s really how easy it is to become a millionaire. That’s all great, but you might

LifeLock Review – Does it Work, is it Worth it?

LifeLock is the identity theft insurance program with the popular commercial of the guy, Todd Wallace, who is so confident with his service that he gives out his own personal Social Security number. Apparently he drove through New York City with a big billboard truck displaying this personal information to advertise his identity theft prevention