Monthly Archives: May 2008

Rural Real Estate - Know Your Risks

Rural real estate seems to be a hot trend for investors, but is it really a good investment? The thought behind buying rural real estate seems to be there is only so much land, and therefore the value can only go up in price. By buying a quiet property out in the middle of nowhere,

12 Part-Time, Work from Home Jobs

One of the most obvious ways to produce more cash flow and create more wealth is to increase your income. You can do that by getting a raise or a promotion, finding a higher paying job, or by starting your own part-time, work from home job. You never know. That little greeting card business you

Average Gas Prices Not so Average

Do you remember in 1999 when average gas prices were around $0.99 a gallon? MSN Money featured an article today called, $4 a gallon means more for a beer. Now that’s one way to get my attention, but it got me thinking about all of the different things in life that the cost of fuel

Recommended Readings for 5-25-08

Here is a list of some of the best articles from my favorite personal finance websites. Spend some time digging through the Millionaire Money Habits archives and the links below to improve your financial literacy, and learn how to become a millionaire. Spotlight: Prime Time Money wraps up his 10 Things Series, which documents exactly