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Wealth Building and the Velocity of Money

Any time an investment, business, or strategy is being evaluated, one of the elements to consider is the velocity of money. This is a methodology that many real estate investors use to determine whether or not an investment property is worth their time or not, but it applies in virtually any wealth building strategy. The

Free Financial Advice to Live By

Money, finance and wealth building is often overcomplicated, let’s break it down with some free financial advice to live by. It seems as the world evolves, we (Americans at least) become greater and greater over-consumers, and the financial crisis we are experiencing is a testament to that. We buy more than we can afford, we

Your First Million Dollars

For most of us, becoming wealthy is not something that happens to us when we wake up one morning. In fact, a very small percentage of rich people in America got that way from inheritance or some other stroke of luck. According to Stanley’s, The Millionaire Next Door, some 80% of wealthy Americans are self-made