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The World’s Greatest Myth About Money

The belief is that if you work hard and save, over time you’ll earn your way to wealth and great riches, but that philosophy is all wrong. While the standard definition of wealth refers to riches and material possessions, the term really has more value to it. Wealth is a lifestyle that cannot really be

10 Ways to Becoming a Millionaire

Want to be a millionaire? All it takes is a bit of discipline and some patience. Here are some tips to get started today: Reduce consumption and increase investments. Create and stick to a budget. Increase your financial IQ. Make contributions into investment vehicles on a consistent basis. Start a part-time business to increase income

The World’s Greatest Get-Rich Formula

This article is paraphrased from a 10/12/07 Motley Fool article: You should be highly skeptical of any and all get-rich schemes … except for the super-simple formula I’m going to show you below. Because this one really works. It works so well that it’s been used by the world’s billionaires — from moguls of yesteryear

Young with Money

So you are a young person with some extra cash and you want to start accumulating wealth. Congratulations! The sooner you start to build your wealth, the sooner you will be able to become financially free. Let’s say you have a $500 - $1,000 to invest and need know the best investment vehicle for you.