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8 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund

We discussed Why is an Emergency Fund Important, but do you wonder when we you are already stretched so thin, how can we possibly find money to create 3-6 months of savings? Here are 8 ways that you could find money to build an emergency fund: Create a budget to find out how much you

Why is an Emergency Fund Important?

Financial planners recommend saving 3-6 months of living expenses for an “emergency fund.” An emergency fund should be exactly that, for emergencies only. It should not be a savings account that you tap into when you find a great suit, beautiful dress, or need some extra spending money for a vacation. So What is an

10 Things That Aren’t Too Good to Be True

Some things in life are not too good to be true. For example: Cash Back Rewards Programs ING DIRECT - High Yield Savings with 3.65% annual percentage yield! Tax Deductible Vacations During “Business Trips” Free After Rebate finds on the slickdeals.net forums $5 Club and $6 Movie and Popcorn at Kerasotes Theatres Free Cone Day

Is Your Emergency Fund Running on Empty?

Unfortunate things happen to everyone, which can put you in very difficult situation. No matter how secure you may feel your job is, anything could happen to quickly change your situation. New management, the merger or acquisition of your company, or personal and economic challenges, such as illnesses or disability, can all impact your income