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Making Money in a Recession Writing Your Own Paycheck

The other day I shared a video from Branson on how it is the small businesses owners responsibility to create wealth during these troubled times. While thousands more people are welcomed to work with a pink slip every day, the entrepreneur is able to create wealth virtually out of thin air. Historically during slowdowns and

How To Sell Photos Online

I just read an interesting ebook on how to sell photos online that makes a lot of sense. Basically there are website that sell royalty-free stock photos for a couple bucks. Bloggers are familiar with these sites, as they are great depots to make websites more aesthetically pleasing. And with the millions of blogs out

I Can’t Afford It and the Limited Belief Syndrome

The belief of not being able to afford things can have a very restrictive power. It can prevent you from accomplishing more and experiencing things you want to do. Instead, you’re left thinking to yourself, “I wonder what it would be like if . . .” or “I wish I could.” If you want to

12 Part-Time, Work from Home Jobs

One of the most obvious ways to produce more cash flow and create more wealth is to increase your income. You can do that by getting a raise or a promotion, finding a higher paying job, or by starting your own part-time, work from home job. You never know. That little greeting card business you