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The Tax Implications of Life Insurance


Life insurance policies are confusing things, and there’s absolutely no secret about that. While there are plenty of resources available to help you understand the ins and outs of life insurance, it can still be easy to get a little lost in the details, whether you’re trying to figure out exactly which type of plan

Common Tax Audit Trigger Myths


The tax audit is a looming fear in the minds of many taxpayers who imagine the IRS as some kind of Big Bad Wolf in a black suit who will blow your house down as soon as he finds the slightest error in your annual filing. To most, the realm of tax requirements and penalties

Accounting Mistakes That Could Sink Your Business

Owning and operating a business can come with a steep learning curve, even if you have a degree or experience in the field. The hope is that you will learn quickly as you go so that you can manage your professional affairs adequately in order to keep your company afloat and eventually become a great

Major Monthly Deductible Business Expenses

If you’re someone who owns a business, congratulations because there are very few things more rewarding than being able to work for yourself. However, if you’ve been running your own company for a long enough period of time, you’ll probably also agree that there’s nothing more demanding and, pardon the pun, taxing than being your