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What is Good Debt?

Do you have good debt or bad debt?  Yes, there is such a thing as good debt, just like there’s good and bad cholesterol.  And you want to make sure you have the good kind. Good debt is anything that you’ve invested in that will build value over time.  Do you own a home?  That’s

What is Too Much Debt?

Americans are hemorrhaging with maxed-out credit cards. This is a product of buying too much home and fancy cars or just trying to keep up with the rising cost of the daily costs of life. But everyone (for the most part) has some debt, even if it is just student loans and the mortgage payments.

Warning About Automatic Bill Pay

Recently I barely avoided a potential financial disaster. Like many people who bank online and try to automate their life, all of my bills are paid through my online banking. Month after month for several years I’ve had complete faith in knowing that my bills were paid in full and on time. Until recently… Even

Take Control of Your Financial Situation – Part II

In Part I of this article, we looked at the importance of understanding and analyzing your income and expenses. We then discussed how to develop a budget to maximize your income and control expenses in order to reach financial freedom as quickly as possible. In Part II of this article, we will discuss how to