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Purchasing a New Luxury Car: 5 Essential Money-Saving Tips

Just because you’re in the market for a new luxury vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean you’re made of money. Perhaps you’ve been saving up for a while in order to treat yourself to the superior comfort, performance, and amenities offered by a luxury car. And even if you have plenty of dough to go around, savvy

5 Ways to Control Impulsive Credit Card Spending

Credit cards are nothing if not a temptation to spend money you don’t really have. Many people make the mistake of thinking that credit is the same as cash, but where cash is an asset, credit spending equates to taking on debt. So in fact, the two are polar opposites. And yet, it is certainly

5 Major Factors That Influence Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Driving may be a privilege, but with the ease of access that modern man has to personal transportation, it’s become more of a right that we all expect to enjoy. Unfortunately, automobiles are not without expense. First you have to purchase a car, which can definitely entail major cost. Then you have to pay for

5 Ways You Can Save Money With a Credit Union

If you currently use a bank for your finances but you’re tired of paying checking and ATM fees, have you ever considered switching over to a credit union? With them, not only do you become an actual member, rather than a stakeholder, of the institution, but there are also many ways that using a credit