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Useful Real Estate Shopping Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a home for the first time can feel like an adventure. And it should! You’re making a major purchase as an adult and you get to create a personal living space that is truly yours for the first time in your life. The flipside, of course, comes to light when you start signing the

5 Factors to Consider Before Making an Offer on a Home

Buying a new home can certainly be an exciting and emotional process, especially when you find a house that not only meets your must-haves, but also provides you with that indefinable feeling of home that you’re looking for. But an emotional attachment to your property of choice is only likely to get you into trouble

5 Ways to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate

Most people are interested in the prospect of passive income. So if you can afford to add a granny flat to your primary residence or even purchase a second home to rent out, you might want to consider what you stand to gain by doing so. That said, the average person won’t necessarily have the

Whole Vs. Term Life Insurance: Deciding Which One Is Right for You

There are all kinds of ways to plan for your future. You can sock money away in a savings account (or hide it in your mattress), invest in stocks, bonds, and real estate, or contribute to retirement funds like a 401K and Roth IRA. Ideally, diversification demands that you engage in more than one of