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5 Risky Moves for First-Time Investors

It seems like everyone is getting into the investment game these days, from your grandma to your little brother. And if you’re the last one to jump on the bandwagon, you’re missing out on the prospect of making your money work for you. But before you hand over your hard-earned money for someone to invest

5 Steps to a Total Money Makeover

Many of us have undergone a personal makeover, by which we change our hair, makeup, and wardrobe in order to better reflect our current station in life. This is often based on changes in the home or work sphere, such as a new baby or a job promotion, for example. You may also have completed

5 Tips for Smart Home Buying in a Seller’s Market

Being a buyer in a seller’s market can be tough. Often, homebuyers do not adjust to the market accordingly and so they are left feeling frustrated and unsuccessful. This doesn’t need to happen. If you follow these 5 tips for smart home buying, you will be much more successful at getting your offer approved even

5 Common Home Mortgage Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

You might think that getting approved for a home mortgage loan is as simple as walking into your bank and walking out with a guarantee for the funds you need to purchase a home. But there’s a little more to it, especially since irresponsible mortgage lending practices played a major role in the recession and