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Find Treasures at Luxurious Estate Sales

If you’re a fan of finding gems in unexpected places, then there a pretty good chance that you have shopped at a consignment shop, thrift store or even a yard sale. Well, what would be considered the queen bee of all of those is an estate sale. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s

Finding Free Money for Your Child’s Education

Last year, Wall Street published an article stating that in 2030, the cost for a four-year college degree will be somewhere around $231,000. The author of the piece was trying to calculate just how much he would need to save (between 2011-2030) in order to send his newborn daughter to college. The figure that

5 Tips for Investing Like the Super Rich

Every investor dreams about the day of the big payoff, when the years of conservative building and high risk gambles lead to true wealth. But studies have shown that the super rich and the common investor don’t often approach things the same way. Well, if you aspire to someday be rich and wealthy beyond your

Justin Bieber’s Lavish Birthday Gift

Even people who don’t follow celebrity blogs (or teen pop culture) have probably become aware of the momentous event rocking the headlines over the last few weeks: Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday. The teen icon, whose face has been a staple for papering the walls of adolescent female bedrooms over the last couple of years, has