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Getting Married? Why a Prenup is Advisable

People who are contemplating marriage often debate whether or not to arrange for a prenuptial agreement.  It’s a moot point for the couple that’s just starting out together since they probably don’t have any assets to protect.  But for the adult that has worked hard and made significant financial gains, or the person looking to

Tips to Help You Thrive in the Workplace

Is your job dragging you down?  Do you feel that you’ve been passed over for promotion even though you are eminently qualified?  Perhaps you’ve found that others are taking credit for your hard work.  Or maybe you are simply at the mercy of an overbearing boss.  Whatever your reasons for hating your job, you at

The Importance of Having Homeowners Insurance

You may not have medical insurance.  If you’re young, healthy, and willing to roll the dice (or if you just don’t have the money), you might go for a while without needing it.  For the same reasons, you might avoid purchasing life insurance.  And if you don’t mind breaking the law in most states (New

How to Manage Your Student Loan Debt

Whether you attended an Ivy League school, a junior college, or one of the best online schools, you may have accrued some debt along the way in the form of student loans.  While this type of loan is often ideal for a student (because it comes with a low interest rate and doesn’t have to