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How to Save Money on Car Expenses

There’s no doubt about it: cars are an expensive commodity for the modern individual.  Not only do you have to take out a loan to purchase one (and pay more than it’s worth in interest), you also have to shell out the cash for regular service, insurance, registration, fuel, and any unexpected problems that are

How to Prevent Identity Theft

No one wants to be on the receiving end of the call or letter telling them they’ve been the victim of identity theft.  You certainly don’t want to open your online banking to find a slew of charges that have cleared out your account without your knowledge, or worse, go to make a transaction and

Money Saving Tips

This guest post is provided by Angela Sanders. Are you keen to save money in order to secure your future? Then budgeting and proper process of saving money can help you to attain financial freedom and give liberation from debt. Lack of sufficient money in the time of economical hardship can make your life volatile.

The Estate Tax of 2011 Explained

Though the federal estate tax took a break in 2010, the tax will once again be levied on American’s heads in 2011. The tax has undergone a variety of different changes since 2001, when Congress voted to begin changing the rate at which the tax is applied. Furthermore, the income level that triggers an exemption