Monthly Archives: October 2009

Common Tax Deductions You Can Prepare For Now

Tax season may not be upon us just yet, but it’s never too soon to look into the tax deductions that may be available to you.  Many require you to have proof in paperwork, especially in the event of an audit, and if it’s not information that your employer can provide, it’s up to you

Health Care Reform: How Many People Would It Really Help?

Health care reform is a very heated topic right now—unless you’ve been asleep for the past few months, that’s no surprise to you.  I believe the problem is figuring out the truth.  We’ve all heard about the general ideas that are in the House and Senate versions of the proposed bill, but it seems almost

How To Make Money Last

It feels like we’ve been in a recession forever now, and we’re still not in the clear just yet.  So you’re still looking for ways to make your money last even longer—without having to live like it’s the Stone Ages.  Here are some tips to help relieve some of your financial worries. Make a budget. 

What Is Ultra Wealthy and How Do You Get There?

Do you dream about being on Forbes’ list of the 400 Richest Americans or World’s Billionaires?  How close are you?  Whether you’re just getting started, halfway there, or still pondering the very idea, you need a game plan.  The specific road to becoming ultra wealthy will be up to you, but the basic principles on