Monthly Archives: September 2009

2010 401(k) and IRA Limitations

If you already have a 401(k) or an IRA started to help save for your retirement, you made a good move.  If you don’t have one, it’s time to open one.  You should do as much research as possible, and consider starting before the end of this year if you choose a 401(k).  The contribution

Cheap, Healthy Ways to Eat Out

When I look down some of the main roads where I live, I can expect to see mostly fast food and burger joints.  I definitely wouldn’t call myself a health nut—I enjoy a good burger and fries loaded with ketchup, and I had pizza for dinner last night—but on the whole, I prefer to eat

Is College Still Worth It?

The recession is affecting more than the average daily worker who is searching for (or struggling to keep) a job.  It’s taking a toll on students and their futures, too.  There’s always been debate over whether or not college is worth it, but the question arises more frequently today, even among students who have been

Why A Second Job May Not Be Right For You

In tough financial times, after selling all of your used items and exhausting every other possibility, you may consider getting a second job for some extra income.  It sounds like a relatively easy solution to help your finances, even temporarily, but you should explore all of the angles before you start filling out applications.  Here’s