Monthly Archives: August 2009

Is Buying a Foreclosed Home a Good Idea?

Even with the slumping economy and falling home values, the actual cost of buying a home still seems steep-especially with celebrities’ homes!  I’ve heard of a few that slashed the selling price by 60%, and the new price was still $3,000,000.  Now that’s obviously not the norm, but some homes may have this same theme—they’re

What Debt Should I Pay Off First?

Nobody enjoys being in debt, but in everyday life, it’s unavoidable.  We need houses and cars, and sometimes we have no choice but to use our credit cards in emergencies.  It can seem as though you’ll never get out, but it really is possible to become debt-free.  The starting question is which debt to pay

Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

We all know that it’s important to protect our environment, but sometimes it might seem like a chore, not to mention expensive.  These tips will prove to you that there are inexpensive ways to go green.  You may have to shell out in the beginning, but the cost saved over time can be significant, and

Assets That Make Money and Produce Cash Flow

We’d all appreciate some extra money flowing in; if that wasn’t on your mind, you probably wouldn’t be reading this website.  So aside from picking up an odd job here and there, one of the best and most efficient ways to produce cash flow is to find assets. An asset is something that you own