Monthly Archives: November 2008

Go and Spend Money

Did you know that retailers bring in as much as 40% of their annual profits just in December? That means they could have an outstanding year but still fail if the holiday doesn’t bring consumer traffic, and that’s the was very fear among retailers. As a result, retailers pulled all stops to compete for your

How The Recession Affects You

Whether you realize a direct or indirect impact, the recession affects you in one way or another. It’s become a dangerous snowball that began with the weeding out of weak or overexposed businesses. As it has grown in size, it can affect your job and put at risk the things you need most. Have some

Home Medical Transcription - Small Business Opportunity

With health issues and retiring baby boomers on the rise, the home medical transcription service is one of the small business opportunity benefiting from increased health care demands. Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the medical transcription industry is currently a $16 billion dollar industry. A study by the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance (MTIA) found

The World’s Best Profession

I have a strong opinion on what I believe to be the world’s best profession, but before I share that with you, I have to tell you a funny story about something I uncovered while doing my research to back up my claims. I did a some searching on Google to try to find some