Monthly Archives: September 2008

Your Credit Score Questions Answered

A couple weeks ago I posted a message about your credit report and how it was pretty much guaranteed that you would find something wrong with it. Well, a lot of people responded to that discussion with questions they had about their credit score. I want to first apologize that it has taken so long

Discovering Your Life Ambition

When you sit back and wonder about the meaning of life, do you stop to think about what your life ambition is? You’ve been told you’re entire life that you are in control of your destiny. If that’s true, what have you decided to do about it? Are you someone that just kind of floats

The World’s Greatest Myth About Money

The belief is that if you work hard and save, over time you’ll earn your way to wealth and great riches, but that philosophy is all wrong. While the standard definition of wealth refers to riches and material possessions, the term really has more value to it. Wealth is a lifestyle that cannot really be

When Will it End??

The honest truth is that I stopped paying attention to the stock market and economy a while ago. I just keep doing what I’m doing and check my balances every few months or so. It would be impossible for me to not be aware of the current market conditions, but I try to tune it