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9 Small Ways to Save Big in 2008

Here are 9 small ways to save more money this year: Quit costly habits: Smoking a pack a day costs over $1,600 a year. That’s not including the cost of dental work, general health, laundry service and replacement costs for cigarette burns. A Starbucks addiction can cost you around the same. Consolidate bills: By finding

30 Days to Millionaire Money Habits

In addition to the discipline and willpower needed to become a millionaire, what may really be needed in order to achieve your long-term wealth accumulation goals is to develop a Millionaire Mindset. Webster’s Dictionary defines a habit as, “An acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.” It takes more or less

Being Frugal Sure is Costly

First off, I would like to apologize for the unavailability of this site for the past 12 hours. Traffic on this website picked up quite a bit, and as a result it reached its bandwidth quota. So that’s the good news. Things are better than expected and we’re back! The downtime could have been avoided

Leave Stock Trading to the Professionals

You know that billionaire investor Warren Buffett doesn’t trade stocks, right? That’s because trading stocks is a risky gamble that can deteriorate your net worth, and you don’t want to gamble with wealth. Becoming wealthy is a decision we consciously make that requires lifetime planning and discipline. Stock trading does not fit into the world