Monthly Archives: September 2007

What is Passive Income?

Money advisers and coaches will tell you that in order to truly become financially free, you must have enough passive income to exceed your expenses. That’s great, but what is passive income and how do you get it? For the sake of simplicity, income can be broken down into four categories (and arguably more): portfolio

How to Find a Money Mentor

No matter where you are in life, having mentors is important to reaching any goal and helping you grow. Mentors, however, are particularly important when it comes to building wealth. Actually, you will need many mentors throughout your money accumulation lifetime, including basic money mentors, business mentors, stock mentors, real estate mentors, legal mentors, etc.

Young with Money

So you are a young person with some extra cash and you want to start accumulating wealth. Congratulations! The sooner you start to build your wealth, the sooner you will be able to become financially free. Let’s say you have a $500 - $1,000 to invest and need know the best investment vehicle for you.

When Everyone’s Selling, Start Shopping

Like nature, all investments go through cycles - stocks, real estate, business industries. There are booms, and there are busts. When there are busts, panic in a particular market or industry emerges, and fear overtakes people’s ability to think clearly. Don’t let your emotions distort your wealth accumulation plans. Instead, develop your keen sense to