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5 Tips for Investing Like the Super Rich

Every investor dreams about the day of the big payoff, when the years of conservative building and high risk gambles lead to true wealth. But studies have shown that the super rich and the common investor don’t often approach things the same way. Well, if you aspire to someday be rich and wealthy beyond your

The Risks with High-Yield Investing

Wouldn’t it be great to have invested in Google when it was worth $100 and sold it at its recent $700 peak, or Hansen Natural when it was worth pennies and watch it climb all the way to $67. There are countless stories of people who scored a big one and made themselves overnight millionaires,

10 Things That Aren’t Too Good to Be True

Some things in life are not too good to be true. For example: Cash Back Rewards Programs ING DIRECT - High Yield Savings with 3.65% annual percentage yield! Tax Deductible Vacations During “Business Trips” Free After Rebate finds on the slickdeals.net forums $5 Club and $6 Movie and Popcorn at Kerasotes Theatres Free Cone Day