How to Save a Million Dollars

Asking how to save a million dollars is like asking what the best way is to train for a marathon. For one, just as there are many different ways to train for a race, there are multiple ways to save a million dollars. Each individual and their situation is different as well, which makes reaching a financial goal a very personalized strategy.

If you think about runners, every person is very different in terms of their stamina, strength, willpower, the time they can dedicate, and so on. The training schedule for a person who has experience running marathons, is in fantastic shape, runs regularly, and has a lot of time to dedicate to training will differ from someone who is running their first race and is not in the best shape of their life. But, with the differences aside, there are fundamental methods or strategies that will help each person reach an end result.

Just like the marathon trainer, someone that is planning on how to save a million dollars in the shortest amount of time needs to develop a plan that is appropriate to their personal situation. The game of wealth is not an even playing field. Some people have advantages, such as connections, partners, good money managers, higher income streams, etc. Other people may be struggling to make ends meet and do not know where to begin.

Whatever the case, saving a million dollars is an achievable goal for you. Regardless of your situation, the fundamentals still apply:

  1. To save a million it starts with saving $1
  2. Start to invest today money today, regardless of the amount
  3. Reinvest profits to take advantage of compound interest
  4. Leverage the use of Other People’s Money to accelerate profits
  5. Manage your risk so you don’t lose money

If you follow these fundamental steps, you will accumulate more wealth. How fast you reach your goals and save a million dollars will depend on your personal situation. Your specific plan on what to invest in, for example, will depend on how much knowledge you have in specific investment vehicles, or if you prefer to be hands-off and hire someone to recommend your investments, etc.

Kipplinger’s recently posted some tools to help you analyze how to save a million dollars if you are at a certain age. This may help you get started.

Millionaire Money Habit: In order to save a million dollars, the important thing is to get started now. Often people spend too much time trying to find “the best way.” Do your research, but don’t be afraid to get started or you will miss your opportunity to embark on your road to wealth. -RT
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4 Responses to How to Save a Million Dollars

  1. financialgal says:

    Making a million is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Just like running, it helps to break up the goal and set specific deadlines to track your progress. I selected a definite deadline to achieve a certain net worth, and to my surprise, passed it well within my timeframe. With that achievement behind me, I’ve now raised the bar higher and am aiming to beat that deadline by a wide margin as well.

  2. Ryan says:

    That’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing financialgal. If you see this, do you have any tips for us?

  3. I think the same principal can be applied to getting rid of a million dollar debt. The sooner you get started and the faster you make progress toward your goal, the easier it will be on you in the long run as you gain momentum. (I can’t relate to the saving part yet, but I can’t wait to get there.) :)

  4. Dr. Artfredo C. Abella-Philippines says:

    The best way to save millions is first to earn millions of dollars then make it a habit to save as much as you can. It is not enough that one should merely save most of his savings but he must also be able to invest as much as he can. The best way to save millions of Dollars is to make it a habit to save and make it a habit and to automatically deduct it from your earnings without you looking at it. The saying ” If you cannot save then the seeds of greatness is not in you.” applies here.

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