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Common Mistakes of First Time Commercial Real Estate Investors

Even with the ebb and flow of the real estate market, due to its long history of being a huge (potential) money maker, there are still people that strive to succeed in the commercial real estate market as investors. When you know what you’re doing, the investment is one that can certainly pay off, but

How to Become a Millionaire with Real Estate

A few years ago, this could have been summed up in one word: flipping.  But these days the housing market is a very different beast.  While those seeking to use real estate as an investment can certainly find ways to profit with property (especially in the long term), it will take a little more knowledge

The Importance of Having Homeowners Insurance

You may not have medical insurance.  If you’re young, healthy, and willing to roll the dice (or if you just don’t have the money), you might go for a while without needing it.  For the same reasons, you might avoid purchasing life insurance.  And if you don’t mind breaking the law in most states (New