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Common Tax Audit Trigger Myths


The tax audit is a looming fear in the minds of many taxpayers who imagine the IRS as some kind of Big Bad Wolf in a black suit who will blow your house down as soon as he finds the slightest error in your annual filing. To most, the realm of tax requirements and penalties

How to Start a Business Overseas

Starting a business is a great challenge that can offer untold rewards for the ambitious and hard-working entrepreneur. To be one’s own boss, to follow and develop a personal vision, to be a positive force in the market; the benefits of owning a business are almost too numerous to list. It can be ultimate freedom

How to Prevent Financial Ruin Due to Legal Troubles

The minute most of us are faced with legal troubles, we begin to sweat just thinking about the bill we’ll have to pay the law firm.  Lawyers make a lot of money for two reasons.  The first is that we need their legal expertise, which takes a lot of schooling, and their resources (law libraries,

The Estate Tax of 2011 Explained

Though the federal estate tax took a break in 2010, the tax will once again be levied on American’s heads in 2011. The tax has undergone a variety of different changes since 2001, when Congress voted to begin changing the rate at which the tax is applied. Furthermore, the income level that triggers an exemption