Let the Grass Grow: Seeding and Nurturing Wealth

Unless you strike it rich overnight, accumulating wealth is like watching grass grow. I don’t mean that in the sense that it is boring, which to some people it may be, the analogy is that building wealth is a process that materializes after stages of seemingly insignificant behaviors.

Little by little, your consistent small contributions and millionaire money habits add up. Although these actions may seem insignificant at the time, they will amount to riches more quickly than you think.

Just like grass that grows too slow to actually be seen but has gone wild after being ignored for a few weeks, wealth accumulation is similar in fashion. Those who check their balances every day or watch each movement of their portfolio will be greatly disappointed. But if you have some patience, understand the laws of compound interest and allow small things to amount to big things will notice impressive results in due time.

Building wealth is a process that takes time, patience and discipline. You have the choice to plant the seed, nurture and care for what you have built, or ignore it all together and let the process die.

Millionaire Money Habit: Commit for the long-haul, realize that time is the investor’s best friend and let the grass grow. Not only will your investments make more money over time, but your money habits and investing skill will improve with practice and accelerate the process. -RT
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4 Responses to Let the Grass Grow: Seeding and Nurturing Wealth

  1. Sometimes I think I check my accounts and balances a little too often. I wouldn’t say I disappoint myself, but I could probably use the time a lot more wisely. I should focus more on ways to create income than constantly checking what has already come in.

  2. PT says:

    And just like the pride you get from a nice yard of grass, you can feel proud of a beautiful portfolio.

  3. Dorian Wales says:

    Watching investments compound is very similar to watching grass grow. I believe the trick is to avoid revisting them often.

  4. kentuckyliz says:

    It’s more like watching a tree grow-takes a lifetime, and you want to leave the tree for future generations as a legacy.

    Grass grows fast and dies each year. Not a happy investment analogy.

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