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5 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Not everyone who has a good idea and starts a business based on it is going to become a successful entrepreneur. It takes a confluence of elements to lead a professional venture into a promising future, and having a great idea and the nerve to pursue it is only the beginning. You’ll also need a

How to Save Money on An Ivy League Education


  One of the best ways to insure a future of financial wealth and success in business is to attend an Ivy League school. Sure, you’ll receive one of the highest quality educations possible at Princeton, Harvard, Yale and the other Ivies, but the networking you will be able to do there is just as

Finding Free Money for Your Child’s Education

Last year, Wall Street Steward.com published an article stating that in 2030, the cost for a four-year college degree will be somewhere around $231,000. The author of the piece was trying to calculate just how much he would need to save (between 2011-2030) in order to send his newborn daughter to college. The figure that

Is a College Degree a Good Investment in This Economy?

In the aftershock of the recent recession, it is likely that many will find it difficult to find, change, or otherwise procure employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate has been fluctuating by approximately mere tenths of a point since the beginning of the year, while the average hourly earnings are