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5 Ways You Can Save Money With a Credit Union

If you currently use a bank for your finances but you’re tired of paying checking and ATM fees, have you ever considered switching over to a credit union? With them, not only do you become an actual member, rather than a stakeholder, of the institution, but there are also many ways that using a credit

How to Prevent Medical Debt From Impacting Your Credit Score

Whether you’ve suffered an unanticipated medical emergency such as an illness, injury, or accident, or you’re dealing with an ongoing medical condition, you could find yourself staring down the barrel of massive debt related to your medical care. And this can be exacerbated by an inability to work, job loss, and loss of insurance, amongst

Deciding Whether or not to Cancel Your Unused Credit Cards

Most people who have credit cards don’t have any problems using them (which is to say, they use them all too frequently). But if you happen to have some modicum of self-control, or you’ve gotten in trouble with credit cards before and you’re making a concerted effort to clean up your credit report, pay down

5 Tips for Getting Your Lender to Reduce Your Home Mortgage Payment

Over the last few years it’s been somewhat difficult for homeowners to secure refinancing for their home mortgages. It seemed like the people paying on time and in full were getting punished, unable to obtain the outrageously low interest rates that their neighbors, who hadn’t paid their mortgage in months, were being handed like candy