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5 Ways to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate

Most people are interested in the prospect of passive income. So if you can afford to add a granny flat to your primary residence or even purchase a second home to rent out, you might want to consider what you stand to gain by doing so. That said, the average person won’t necessarily have the

Save Major Bucks by Upcycling Your Clothing


  The first thing you can do is find ways to make new clothing items out of your old duds. Some enterprising gals have started taking old t-shirts and making skirts out of them. If you’re handy with a sewing machine or serger it’s simple enough to remove the sleeves (which can then be turned

Assets That Make Money and Produce Cash Flow

We’d all appreciate some extra money flowing in; if that wasn’t on your mind, you probably wouldn’t be reading this website.  So aside from picking up an odd job here and there, one of the best and most efficient ways to produce cash flow is to find assets. An asset is something that you own

Summer Jobs for Teachers

The final bell has rung, the kids have gone home blasting “School’s Out” in the car, there’s nothing left to grade, and now you’re looking for a summer job open to teachers like you.  Either you need supplemental income to get you through the next few months, or you’re the type of person who just