Think Like a Millionaire

If you were a millionaire, life would be pretty easy, wouldn’t it?  If you’re like me, right now you’re thinking of all of the things you could buy and all of the bills you could pay off in one shot.  You’d be debt-free and living the good life.  It probably seems out of reach, but really, there’s not much difference between you and them.  A millionaire simply thinks like a millionaire.

It doesn’t matter the path you choose to reach this goal.  Maybe you’re aiming for a nice retirement, or maybe you’re starting a business and you’d like to live comfortably within the next few years.  Maybe you want to be an actual millionaire, or maybe you’d like the flexibility to quit your job and pursue a hobby full-time.  You have to start by believing that it’s possible.  Redirect your thinking, change your perspective, etc.  If you begin by expecting failure, guess what?  You’re probably going to fail.  A positive attitude has a much bigger effect than you might think.

Avoid negativity as much as possible.  Ignore and stay away from people who are determined to convince you that failure is inevitable.  Some people simply carry those thoughts with them and would rather not see other people succeed and move on to better things.  You can’t let anyone or anything convince you that it’s not possible to reach your goals.

You’re going to have to invest time and energy, and lots of it.  Not that you need to spend every waking moment stressing out over how to reach your goal, but you’re going to have to devote a significant amount of your time into the process.  And you will run into bumps and small failures.  Learn from it and continue.  Perhaps the incident will spark an idea for a better and easier way to reach your goal.  If you view even the negative moments as opportunities rather than obstacles, it will be easier to stay on the path.

Change your thinking to long-term.  Unless you win the lottery tomorrow, it’s going to take time to build up your wealth.  Don’t set unattainable short-term goals; you’ll only set yourself up for disappointment.  Set your goals far enough away that you’ll have time to take all the necessary steps to get there.  If short-term goals make it easier for you to stay on track, be sure to keep them reasonable.  Stick to your deadline, but don’t be discouraged if you find it’s going to take a little longer to fulfill once you get to that day.

Finally, make sure you’ve chosen the path to wealth that you’re passionate about.  If you’re really not interested in being a business owner, then that’s not the way for you to become a millionaire.  Maybe a high-interest savings account would be the way to go.  Find a way that works for you and that can help you reach your goals by the time you’d like to.  If you follow your passion, the path will be easier to stick to.

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