Going From Poor to Rich

During my encounters with highly wealthy and successful people, the number that have gone from poor to rich is overwhelming. What’s even more amazing is their personal stories, what they went through, and how they became what they are today.

Some remain very humble and by looking at them you would never imagine they are as wealthy as they really are. They still wear their old, beat up shoes, a dirty pair of jeans, and a rusty old pickup truck. Others, on the other hand, emanate success and you would be shocked to hear that just a few years prior their lives were anything but full luxury and freedom.

What’s incredible is that it seems those who go from poor to rich so to speak have many of the same qualities:

  1. They have an undeniable desire to succeed
  2. They do not accept failure as failure, and try again
  3. They cannot be told “it can’t be done”
  4. They take incredible risk

Sounds strange, but those who have nothing to lose have an advantage. A middle class person with an income that supports their family can’t really afford to take major risks in their lives, such as quitting their job to start their own business. Those who have no other option but to succeed, however, have a level of determination that can’t be measured.

Not so coincidentally, I’ve found that those who do take that giant leap of faith, quit their jobs and put their heart into their wealth building business have enormous success. It creates a “do or die” mentality that is needed to learn quickly and earn faster.

This makes an interesting dilemma. Any small business coach would highly recommend that you do not quit your job and that you focus onbuilding your business slowly. Once your business is capable of producing an adequate, sustained income that can support your lifestyle and then some, only then should you consider going “full-time.”

But, oddly enough, it seems that those people who have the inarguable certainty that they will succeed have a tendency to succeed. They see no other end result and they cannot afford to do anything but succeed.

4 Responses to Going From Poor to Rich

  1. mohammad says:

    i cant imagin a world where everybody is rich and they are all happy ..so many people are really cliver and they do all what they can in chasing the dream of being rich ..but sometimes life goes the other way and things dont happen so are we stuped or ist just life ..i have done my best but i lost all what i dream of .my women is in another country .my family needs a monthly support .and i just lost my last few thousend in trading .i will never give up ..i used to help people and stand beside them when they are in need and nothing makes me more happy when i help someone and i make him smile .and i see the joy again on his face ..that what makes me happy .people should help each other .thats what makes us humans .and we give really small things but for others its a dream ..i hope i will get what i lost back and be able to help again .

  2. Gleidy says:

    Wow Mohammad, reading your comment, was like reading my words, describing the same feelings and opinions that we have about money. The ambitions of becoming Wealthy one day, are only for the main purpose of helping others, meaning creating facilities, scholarships, medical service etc. I just really think, is the way of how we let money affect of make us a better person. At the end we have to realize that what’s the purpose of having so much money if we are not doing anything positive for other’s instead. Money that one day can even be forgotten!

  3. you guys written very well but onething is true money is money it give us satisfaction in thrust, hunger, purchasing, studying, traveling, security & most important keep happy & safe our family. So believe in ur self & keep earning live happy.
    say thank to GOD

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