Free Copy of The Rules of Money

I will be out of town for the next week and a half with little access to a computer, but there are some great scheduled to publish the week ahead.

To keep things interesting, I am hosting a contest from now until midnight CST on Friday, Jan. 11th. The winners will receive a copy of Templar, The Rules of Money: How to Make It and How to Hold on to It

The Rules of MoneyThere will be one winner selected from each of the following categories:

  • Most Traffic: The website that sends the most visitors to Millionaire Money Habits will be awarded. The traffic can originate from a single link to a particular article on this site, or multiple links. It doesn’t matter how you drive traffic, only how much traffic counts.
  • Comment Counts: The reader who makes the greatest contribution by commenting wins. In order to keep comments pertinent and of value, a point system will be used for each comment. 1 point will be awarded for comments that don’t facilitate discussion, and 5 points for each comment that offer a substantial contribution to the article’s topic. Comments can be added to any article on this site, and the commenter with the most points wins.
  • Random Subscriber: A new subscriber to Millionaire Money Habits’ RSS feed will be randomly selected to receive a copy of this book. All you need to do is subscribe to this site by filling out the “Receive email updates” form found at the top of the left sidebar. Be sure to check your email to confirm and validate your subscription.

On Sunday, Jan 13th I will announce the winners and acknowledge the top four runner ups for the Most Traffic and Comment Counts contests.

Best of luck!

2 Responses to Free Copy of The Rules of Money

  1. plonkee says:

    Well, it’s certainly an interesting competition. I may need to stop other people commenting in order to win the book myself.

    This is only going to get me 1 point, isn’t it. :(

  2. Ryan says:

    That’ll count it as 3 points. Only because it’s you though, plonkee :)

    I’m just trying to protect the site from people leaving spam or simply saying “my comment,” etc.

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