Finding Your Million Dollar Idea

Do you ever sit around and try to think really, really hard about the next million dollar idea. And what happens? Usually nothing, right? On the other hand, there are probably a countless number of times that great ideas pop in your head out of nowhere, only to be forgotten latter. Sometimes great ideas seem so easy, and other times you just can’t get your brain to click.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cultivate an environment that gets your creative juices to flow at peak performance? I believe you can because I do it almost everyday, and so do many people I know.

bright ideaFrom my experience with working with managers, a great deal of productive problem solving is actually done “off the clock” and during downtime. Just listen to people tell you, “I was thinking during my run . . .” or, ” . . . on the drive over here.” These million dollar “ah-ha!” moments tend to materialize when your mind is at complete ease and in an environment that allows for a moment of clarity. Million dollar ideas are discovered during long, peaceful car drives or in the shower, during a run or while relaxing in the hot-tub, while sitting on the plane or as you are falling asleep. Anywhere that allows you to temporarily put life on hold and escape the creative vice that we constantly surrounded with will help you generate brilliant ideas.

It’s no wonder why many CEOs and successful people set aside time to shut down the computer and turn off the Blackberry specifically to do things that help them relax. This may also explain why being a workaholic is counter-productive. Overworking leaves no time to relax and discover how to creatively move business forward and solve problems.

Millionaire Money Habit: Find whatever it is that allows you to tune out the noise that is constantly cluttering your brain and causing distractions, and make it a habit to schedule time daily to engage in that activity. Just be sure to bring a piece of paper and a pen in case you are able to think of something really big.

For more ideas on how to unleash your creative juices, read How to Be a Creative Genius at

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  1. CenterOfAttention says:

    That’s true! I always come up with the best ideas at the gym.

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