Dream Building to Create Your Future

I was recently formally introduced to the concept of dream building. Although this is something I started doing as a little kid, I didn’t realize there were communities built around this idea. But for me, it was always a natural thing to do.

As a child, for example, whenever there was something I really wanted, I would draw pictures of me in that situation. I would scour through magazines to find pictures and hang them around my bedroom and stuff them in my school folders.

I remember wanting to be a star soccer player, and I had pictures everywhere of my idols and visualized how that would be me on the soccer field running up the score. I did the same thing when video game systems came out. As I grew older I drew pictures of my dream car and collected photos of my favorite hot rods. Not jut to admire them, but to see myself in them.

This was a way to create a desire so strong to develop a willingness to do whatever it took to reach my goals. And of course it works. We all know athletes use visualization to prepare themselves for the biggest events of their lives andCEOs developed to their mind to believe they were corporate leaders well before they assumed their leadership roles.

It’s always been fun to visualize the future and wonder just how successful you can push yourself, and one of the best ways I’ve found to guarantee that is to constantly remind yourself why you are doing things. If it is to help your parents, carry a picture of your parents with you. If it is to travel the world, carry a picture of some of the most exotic beaches with you. These will become symbols of what you will achieve and they will help you continue to push yourself to be greater than average.

One of my favorite ways to do your dream building is to search luxury magazines, like www.robbreport.com, and find pictures of what you imagine your dream home would look like, your yacht, your jewelry, etc. It can be quite motivating.

2 Responses to Dream Building to Create Your Future

  1. Manju says:

    This one is quite interesting and I used to implement this one in
    my real life. thanks.

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks Mr. Tylor, this is just the kind of site(in ref) I have been
    looking for.

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