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The Best and Worst Times of Year to Buy and Sell Property

This is the time of year when people start planning to make some New Year’s Resolutions. If one of yours is to move into a new home, a part of that goal will consist of either buying some new property or selling the currently one that you are in (if not both). As most of

The Best Open Source Software Options to Manage Your Finances


Whether you’re trying to stay on top of finances for your personal expenses, your freelance operation or small business, or both, you’re likely looking for something a little more modern and comprehensive than a paper ledger system. And while most people have heard of programs like Quicken, QuickBooks, and WorkingPoint, all of which allow for

Asian Millionaires Shun Banks and Take Control of Their Money

In this country we’re well aware of how the financial downturn has affected the common man. Life has been difficult since the market plummeted in 2008, and most industries haven’t yet recovered. But apparently it isn’t only the middle class that is changing their business practices in the face of economic uncertainty, but wealthy citizens

How to Keep Track of Your Retirement Investments

If you’re like most people you’ve taken the opportunity offered by your employer to begin investing in a retirement account. If you haven’t, there are many reasons to do so. Since the money is taken out of your paycheck before you get it, you don’t even notice it’s missing. The dollars put into a retirement