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Why A Second Job May Not Be Right For You

In tough financial times, after selling all of your used items and exhausting every other possibility, you may consider getting a second job for some extra income.  It sounds like a relatively easy solution to help your finances, even temporarily, but you should explore all of the angles before you start filling out applications.  Here’s

How to Get Rid of Used Items for Quick Cash

You know your monthly income.  You know how to budget.  You’re a smart shopper.  But even the most well-prepared scout will encounter an emergency and need quick cash.  The first and easiest place to begin is by getting rid of used items that you no longer need.  Here are a few places to sell your

Tax Deductions for Your Home Based Business

So you’ve taken the leap and started your own home based business.  You’re thrilled to be working for yourself, but now you’re feeling the burden of paying for your own insurance, paying double on social security, and minding your tax responsibilities.  The good news is that you have a new world of tax deductions available

Did Cash for Clunkers Work?

The Cash for Clunkers program created a lot of buzz during its time.  The government drummed up $1 billion to be used by consumers toward the purchase of a new, more fuel-efficient car.  Each consumer could be given up to $4500 towards that new car, and the credits were snatched up so quickly that not