5 Time-Saving Gadgets Worth Their Money

Time is a valuable asset.  Personally, if I could have just a few extra hours in the day, I’d be set.  We try to make the most of our time and money, and when it comes to technology, an expensive or quirky gadget can be worth the money if it saves us time.  Here are 5 you might want to consider:

  • Aerobic Aeropress.  This handy gadget costs about $29 and will save you time in the morning.  You know it’s always cheaper to brew your own coffee, and now it can be quicker, too.  The Aerobic Aeropress has your morning jolt ready in less than a minute—and this is regular coffee, too, not instant.  When you’re running late, you’ll appreciate this gadget even more.  Those are the days when you really need your caffeine!
  • A Smartphone. Phones like the Blackberry can make life easier all the way around.  You can check and send emails, do your online banking, keep memos and to-do lists on hand—the possibilities are already endless and yet technology finds new handy features to add to our cell phones almost every day.  The cost will vary depending on your service carrier and the specific features you want, but a smartphone can help you keep up with the constant changes in life.  Just be careful with your usage…they’re addicting!
  • DVR. If you’re like me, most of your days are planned out from start to finish, and unless an emergency arises, it’s just not practical or even feasible to rearrange the order of your plans just for a TV show.  Gone are the days of remembering to set the VCR, pop in a tape, make sure everything is turned off and that no one will be using the TV to watch something else during your show’s slot, and so on.  Today you can set your DVR to record multiple shows without worry.  The costs vary here, too, depending on the specific service you choose.  Companies like DirecTV offer free DVR service with their contracts, and outside services like Comcast require you to purchase DVR hardware as well as pay a monthly fee.  But it can be well worth it to be able to watch your shows when you’re good and ready and really need some down time.
  • Mini Laptops. Laptops have always offered a world of convenience, but even the MacBook Air can be cumbersome to lug around.  Enter the mini laptop.  This will fit in your briefcase and most purses, and you can have an easy way to type up that document your boss wanted at 9am today that you forgot about until you stepped onto the bus.  Or you can just use it for easy access to the internet.  PC World compared a few that are currently out and more that are on the horizon.  The Acer Aspire One seems to be the most appealing; whereas you can run into issues with the keyboard and screen size with some minis, this one manages to produce a decent size for both while still remaining about as small as a book.  Minis will run about $300-$600 depending on size, features, memory capacity, etc., so do some research to figure out which one is worth your money.
  • Sleeptracker. The Sleeptracker is a watch that doubles as a smart alarm clock.  This gadget monitors your sleep cycles.  Rather than set a specific time for it to go off, you set a window of time during which it would be ideal for you to wake up.  The watch then senses for your most “almost-awake” moment (that’s the technical term!) and then the alarm will go off.  The result is that it’s easier for you to wake up, so you’ll feel more rested and refreshed.  It runs about $179.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sold on anything that will allow me more energy during the day.  I know I’d be more focused and able to accomplish more, leaving more time for relaxing!

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